Driving Licence Renewal Issue: One of the 1.4m affected?

By: Motor Easy
driving licence photo

It’s not something people usually think about, but a driving licence actually has an expiry date. Every 10 years, drivers are required to apply for a new card. It can often creep up on you when you least expect it, or when it’s least ideal! Take the 1.4 million people who were unable to apply for a renewal due to the coronavirus outbreak. 


 How can I renew my driving licence?

Don’t worry, the good news is the DVLA have approved an 11 month extension for those whose photocard has expired or is due to expire between 1 February and 31 December. If this is you, you don’t need to panic - you’re able to carry on as normal. Although it’s important to bear in mind your new licence will be valid from the date your application is approved and not from the expiry date of your current licence. Find the date on the front of your card under section 4b. 

The DVLA will send you a reminder when the 11 month extension is near, so you can begin preparing your new photo and applying online here.


Does this apply to everyone?

There are certain circumstances where this doesn't apply. If you are over 70, you’re required to renew your driving licence every 3 years - this will need to go ahead as normal. Also, if for medical reasons you have a licence which needs to be renewed regularly, this will not apply.



If you don’t need to renew your driving licence, however you’d like to update the details, such as name and address - you cannot benefit from the 11 month extension. You must notify the DVLA as normal, otherwise you could fall victim to a £1000 fine.

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