Do You Even DriveTribe?

By: Motor Easy
amazon prime service - the grand tour & drivetribe. Clarkson, Hammond & May

Last week, amid much fanfare many of us enjoyed the return of Messrs Clarkson, Hammond & May to our screens on their new Amazon exclusive show, The Grand Tour.


The grand tour - amazon prime service One new project after another for the boys

While the new show launched to rave reviews, the popular trio have also been keeping themselves busy with a brand new social network /online community / digital hub, DriveTribe. Until now access has been invite-only, but as of Monday it is open for business, with users signing up via their facebook account.

The new home of epic motoring and pulse-racing adventure.

It is already being promoted heavily by the trio on Facebook and Twitter, with regular photos, videos and live Q&As.


What is it?

Briefly it’s been described as a social media platform centred around cars in all their formats. Popular tribes already include ones catering for enthusiasts of a particular car, drivers who don’t do cars, selfies with cars or even dogs in cars!?



The format is focused on joining a number of tribes where you discuss a particular aspect of cars (usually found in the description of the tribe). In their words “A tribe is a group of people, surrounding a leader, rallying around a common cause.”


What do you think of DriveTribe so far? Let us know your thoughts on twitter @motoreasy!

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