Back with a Bang: Wheeler Dealers

By: James Ruppert
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Welcome to this month's Free Car Mag, we're excited to let in you in on what we've been working on this past month. From the latest car news to new motoring programmes and a peek into how cars are helping conservation.


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Whose Iconic Range Rover Is This?

Surprisingly, the shocking pink colour of this car is not the most interesting thing about it! Both its owner and the car itself have been known to make headlines across the country. A recent auction saw the Land Rover put into the hands of one of Europe's largest luxury car dealerships.


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Hit TV Show Back with a Bang: Wheeler Dealers

Discovery's hit TV show, Wheeler Dealers is back on our screens (but not as you've seen it before). You can still expect epic car makeovers and restoring classics back to their former glory - only this time they go one further...


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How Cars are Helping Conservation

This is not just an amazing car - it's helping to overcome one of the biggest threats to Africa's wildlife. Built and upgraded for the purpose of deterring poaching - find out exactly how the vehicle was modified!


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Happy Birthday to the Jaguar MK 2

We're paying tribute to the legendary Jaguar MK 2! Their recent partnership with fashion and style photographer, Rankin, celebrates the model magnificently - capturing it in all the best light.


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Say Hello to the Iron Horse

Notable bike brand Ariel has pulled it out the bag with their latest creation. Produced as a commemorative gesture to all those who worked on creating the original bikes, the Ariel Ace Iron Horse showcases exactly how the brand has developed in recent years. 


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Don't stop there! We had so much fun producing this edition and there's lots to get stuck into, so we hope you love it.




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