Benefits Of Buying A Warranty Direct Vs A Dealer Warranty

By: Motor Easy
buy warranty direct - how you can win by avoiding dealer warranties

Duncan McClure Fisher has spent around 20 years at the very heart of the extended warranty market. Way back in 1997, along with his father David, he created the country’s first direct to consumer extended car warranty business - Warranty Direct.

Duncan has created a warranty direct for customers. A warranty direct is always a better outcome.

Until the McClure Fishers arrived on the scene, the world of warranty was a dark and mysterious place. Dealer warranties were often not worth the  paper they were written on, with dealers insisting on minimising their exposure to future repairs by offering minimal component coverage along with high excesses and low claim limits. Undeterred, Duncan & David set about improving the motorist’s lot, quickly introducing cover for parts that wear out.

Other warranty companies were rejecting claims by saying that the part was worn out, because it had passed its life expectancy – what rubbish!  

 Honest John says

"In the past, aftermarket warranty providers were happy to take your money, but prone to using 'wear and tear' exclusions and low claims limits making them of little real value. This all changed when Duncan McClure Fisher decided to come in and clean the business up with simple, straightforward and proper underwriting of risks. Duncan realised that warranties needed to be transparent - telling customers exactly what is and isn't covered for them to see in black and white.”


Wear & Tear

It can readily be argued that every part eventually wears out – but who decides what the life expectancy should be – ABC warranty company it seems!

  • Of course, after a part has covered, say, 80,000 miles, it appears reasonable to ask the owner for a contribution.
  • Cover for consequential loss was introduced. Other providers were rejecting claims when an uncovered part failed that went on to damage a covered part.
Our team will answer your warranty questions direct Our team will help get you the best cover.
  • Then there was overheating, another thorny issue to tackle. Most of the big bills were a result of overheating and Duncan ensured it was covered as standard.
  • But surely the biggest surprise, for any unsuspecting warranty holder, was that faults found at the time of your service or MOT wouldn’t be covered.  

The above mentioned are all now included in Duncan’s motoreasy warranty.  He has set out to ensure that the motoreasy warranty plans represent the best combination of cover and price - and again taken everything a giant leap forward! 

Speak to our experts and they will help make your motoring, easy. 


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