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JCBs aren't exactly synonymous with speed - we've all felt the frustration of being stuck behind one! But, in this edition, we take a little trip with Motorcycle Racer, Guy Martin, to bust this myth as he puts bikes aside to set an all new tractor speed record - and might we say, it's impressive! From one record holder to another, we grab a coffee with Zef Eisenberg, to talk about his new ITV show Speed Freaks. And Supercar Blondie, an influencer with a difference, introduces everyone to some of the world's best cars. 

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Guy Martin's JCB Speed Record

Guy Martin is well known for his love of adrenaline, as well as a good challenge. But we were all a little surprised to hear his latest venture - breaking records on none other than a JCB. You might be thinking 'how fast can a tractor really go?' well, lets just say we're more than impressed at what he managed to do. Take a peek inside to find out his official speed!

Official Speed Reveal

Zef Eisenberg's Speed Freaks

ITV's new six part TV show, Speed Freaks, will be aptly hosted by Zef Eisenberg! A 'speed freak' himself, he holds over 40 land records. In his new show, he chats to fellow enthusiasts to share essential know-how and top tips. We sit down with him to gain some inside knowledge on how everything is going.

Go Behind the Scenes 

Supercar Blondie: Influencer, Presenter and Vlogger

Prepare to be influenced! Alex Hirschi has a job that most car enthusiasts could only dream of. Travelling around the world, she drives, reviews and showcases some of the rarest cars. We delve into the life of a social media celebrity and take a look at the perks involved with becoming 'Insta' famous. 

See Inside Her Life 

WATCH: The Value of Classic Cars

We celebrate the classic Mini and its longstanding history in our latest edition. And while these motors have seen better days, many people still cherish (and buy) these classic cars. This could be because of their dependable reputation - as our reliability stats show, the Mini has always got your back! But how much are they actually worth? Watch our video to find out. 

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