Get A New Car In Time For Summer!

By: James Ruppert
T Roc Cabriolet

The sheer variety of new cars on sale in the UK market is always a matter for celebration. It means we have a choice of vehicles that are practical, family and environmentally friendly. As we get closer to summer, we know there's lots of people with their eye out for a new set of wheels, so we've put together our recommendations!  

Summer New Car - Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet

This convertible Volkswagen T-Roc is a playful take on the traditional model we know and love! This car is made for those who don't desire to indulge in a sporty number, but want the thrill of a true summer car. With plenty of room and the scope to take on endless miles, we're sure this is a car that will loved by many families. 


With prices starting at £27,000, this isn't the most cost effective option - but when winter comes around, will perform just as well, making a great investment.

Summer New Car - Vauxhall Corsa-e

Here is a glimpse into the future for some and that is the Vauxhall Corsa-e, which is coming soon, but you can order now. They claim it has a 205-mile range, will reach + 80% charge in 30 minutes and there is a free home charging kit with first 500 reservations. The cost of doing that is £500.
The Corsa-e is not a cheap car, priced from £26,490, including the Government’s £3,500 Plug-in Car Grant. With a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), the example they Corsa-e starts at £270 per month for 47 months, with a deposit of £5,549.40 and an optional final payment of £9,123.00, based on a SE model with Orange Fizz paint that costs £650.
This model might get you into some congestion zones for free and cut your ‘fuel’ expenditure in the short term. Longer term as a used buy it will be more affordable and because of increasing restrictions more relevant. However, a used electric car has a battery with a finite life. Would you want to pick up the bill for fresh ones? The jury is out on this one.

Meanwhile, a Berlingo can pack all the family on board and their luggage, whilst the L200 can go to places that a Corsa-e never could. The choice is yours.  


Summer New Car - Mitsubishi L200 

For those of us with a job to do there's nothing better than the legendary Mitsubishi L200 with a new high-specification Series 5 called the Challenger. Based on the L200 Warrior, it come in three colours - white, grey and black - and features black 17-inch alloy wheels. There's plenty of fancy black detailing tricks on the outside, but you would buy this for the specification. There is black leather inside as well as a seven-inch Smartphone Link Display Audio system (SDA) with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility, DAB digital radio and an integrated reversing camera.
Most though want one because it is capable of towing up to 3.5 tonnes (up to 3.1 tonnes with a twin-axle trailer) and has a payload of one tonne which classifies it as a commercial vehicle. So if you are VAT registered it will effectively cost you £27,705. Long term, provided it has not been used as a builder's pick up, it will be an excellent used buy, not least because they have a great reputation for reliability. That’s why builders, farmers and joiners buy them.


Summer New Car - Citroën Berlingo 

If you don’t need the sheer off road ability and hard as nails image of the L200 the good news is that Citroën UK has added a new trim level to top its New Berlingo range. The new Flair XTR will be available as 5-seat M size and 7-seat XL versions. It has the popular Modutop Roof® which gives you loads of clever storage options and features a fantastic panoramic sunroof. 
Production starts next month and prices start from £23,630. Give it a few years and the depreciation will deliver you one of the most versatile family cars available. 

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