MotorEasy Reading: Peaky Blinders Are Back!

By: James Ruppert
Free Car Mag - Peaky Blinders, Bentley, Mission Ignition & More

Peaky Blinders is known for it's high stakes drama, slightly illegal goings on, and spending lots of money on horses and cars. We've all seen Tommy Shelby driving around in his gorgeous old Bentley and now the manufacturer is celebrating its centenary anniversary. Plus we catch up with the Mission Ignition team as their new TV series takes to the screens. 


Bentley Centenary Anniversary

Bentley started in 1919 when Walter Owen Bentley (known as W.O. Bentley) left the RAF after World War One, where he had designed and built more powerful and reliable aircraft, and turned his piston innovation to motor cars, and so Bentley was born. 

To celebrate the centenary Free Car Mag is jam packed with Bentley beauties for you to feast your eyes on.

Including this gorgeous Bentley Continental GT Convertible, with a roof that lowers in just 19 seconds whilst moving (under 30mph), it even comes with a neck warmer so you can enjoy having the roof down all year round!

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Mission Ignition: Brand New Amazing Car TV

This show is all about competitive car building, whichever team puts their classic car back together the fastest gets to drive it home... and Howard from Take That is in it. 

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The rest of this month's Free Car Mag includes the gorgeous new Mercedes AMG and for a little change fashion this month comes from Austin Healey. 


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