Free Car Mag 68: Take That and Ross Kemp

By: Motor Easy
motoreasy free car mag 68: take that in a suzuki

Take That is turning 30, I know they don't look a day over 21. They've teamed up with Suzuki to bring 'Suzuki Surprises' to Saturday nights, three 30-second adverts delivering amazing surprises to some of their biggest fans, all in a Suzuki Vitara. 

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Ross Kemp Joins Car S.O.S

That's right I am stood with the one and only Ross Kemp and the Car S.O.S guys - we're thinking of forming a new boyband. 

Car S.O.S is back on our screens for a Special 7 Day Challenge. Much like D.I.Y S.O.S. This crack team take the cars of people in need and give them a complete overhaul to get them back in working order. Pretty inspiring stuff.

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Cars To Buy Now

The Lexus ES 300h is making its way over to the UK equipped with the fourth generation self-charging Lexus Hybrid Drive system. Meaning that, not only is it super responsive, you're also keeping those pesky emissions down. 


Bangertorial: The Truth About Car Insurance

That's right I am now helping even more motorists with the most common of problems. This month it's car insurance, how to get the best car insurance deal? How much should you pay for car insurance? And importantly where to go for car insurance? 

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The rest of this month's magazine has our foray into changing the fog light glass on Free Car Mag's Porsche Cayenne and what could be one of the most boring looking but equally incredible bangernomics. 



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