Free Car Mag: The Festive Edition

By: Motor Easy
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Dolph Lundgren and Volvo

This month's Free Car Mag starts with an interview from Swedish star Dolph Lundgren, you might recognise him from The Expendables film series or as Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. Volvo Construction Equipment teamed up with the action hero to show off the ultimate in excavator fitness with the mini film Pump It Up (below). We had the absolute Christmas treat of meeting him in person. 

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Die Hard - The Ultimate Christmas Film?

Now, this is highly disputed around Christmas but here at Free Car Mag we love Die Hard and it's our favourite Christmas film. The appearance of a Mercedes Benz E-Class makes it all the better and you can catch it in cinemas across the UK - enjoy a special 30th anniversary trailer below.

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Lego Bugatti Chiron

This is every Lego lovers dream, a fully driveable Bugatti Chiron. Made of 1 million pieces it is almost identical to the real thing - enjoy in all it's glory below. Safe to say it was firmly on my Christmas list. 

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The rest of Free Car Mag is chocked full of the usual cars for your head or heart, with a special Land Rover spin. Jaguar Land Rover is set to try and cure travel sickness as they move forwards with automated cars, plus a brand new Aston Martin.  


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