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The Motoring Show To Hold You Over

We all miss Hammond, May & Clarkson and the next Top Gear won’t be on our screens until 2017, but if you need cars on your TV now, Stars in their cars could be the show for you. Paddy McGuiness described the programme as "This Is Your Life through cars" as he sources celebs cars, from their first to the ones they drove at the height of their fame to what they’re driving now.


The show has many well-known names from Neil Morrissey, John Prescott, Phil Tuffnell & Ross Nobel, catch it on Wednesdays, at 9pm.

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How About This For A Feel Good Car Story

We all remember the car we grew up in and the memories we had, well two sons decided search for their dads 1965 Chevrolet SS Supercharger he owned for 20 years but sadly had to sell. It took them around five years but they were able to track it down. This video tells the story on how memories can be so attached to the everyday cars we drive.

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