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This month top international Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic shows us around the new Volvo V90 and we look at some classic Volvo estates. (There’s even a motoreasy guide to buying the best Volvos!)

There’s content in there aimed at the female motorists as Hollywood actress Emma Stone’s high street fashion look is broken down (includes a Jaguar F Pace).

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Not only that, watch Bear Grylls jump out of a plane and race against a plane in a Jeep. See who wins and what Bear is really up to in the latest Free Car Mag.


James Ruppert, editor of Free Car Mag James Ruppert, editor of Free Car Mag

James Ruppert, the award winning editor of Free Car Mag, has a long history in the automotive industry with over three decades of experience as a motoring journalist. Having previously been a car dealer, he has published many books, with "Bangernomics" being his most famous.

You may have seen James on couple of BBC documentaries about the British & German car making industries over the years, so it's safe to say James certainly knows a thing or two about car.  


More recently, James is a columnist at the Independent and one of the lead bloggers at Autocar magazine. 

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