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This month's Free Car Mag is more car mag than ever as we take a look at brand new cars you can get your hands on now and some that are on their way, such as the new Toyota Supra which was revealed to a group of super fans at a top secret event. 


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Brand New Cars and Record Breakers

Talking of brand new cars a new Honda Civic saloon has made its way onto the market, giving you all the things you love in a Civic just with 4 doors.

The Honda Civic Type R however, has been breaking records by recording the fastest lap at the Estoril circuit in Portugal for a front-wheel drive production car. The car made it round the track in a super fast time of 2 minutes and 01.84 seconds, known for it's two hairpins, difficult chicane and long main straight drivers can see and incredible variation in speeds as they head around a lap. 


Guy Martin In Russia

TV this month comes from our favourite Guy Martin as he heads off to Russia. He takes on everything from driving a digger around a diamond mine to seeing how the world's most popular gun the AK-47 is made. Safe to say we are looking forward to this one!


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brand new third generation toyota century The brand new Toyota Century

More New Cars: Returning To Classics

Finally Toyota have returned to a classic. The Century first debuted in 1967 was created to mark the 100th birthday of Toyota's founder, Sakichi Toyoda. This third generation model is Japan's most popular chauffeur driven car - unfortunately you can only get it in Japan. Our flight is booked. 


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brand new bentley mulsanne Another brand new car - the Bentley Mulsanne

Following in the same vein Bentley have released 100 limited edition Mulsannes to celebrate the upcoming centenary of the brand and pays homage to the founder W.O. Bentley. 

Inside each car there's even a bit of history, with a slice of the original crankshaft taken from W.O. Bentley’s personal 8 Litre car decades ago – the last model he designed for Bentley Motors back in 1930 – displayed.

The first one will be delivered to it's lucky owner in the beginning of 2019. 

The rest of Free Car Mag has the cars you should be buying now, a not to MotrEasy Lost In Translation campaign and fashion with Sir Lenny Henry at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards.


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