Lost In Translation

By: Motor Easy

MotorEasy is calling time on confusing mechanic jargon with the launch of its new ‘Lost in Translation’ campaign to promote plain English at your local garage.

We've produced a series of videos revealing demonstrating the extent of the problem in UK workshops – and highlighting why things need to change.

The light-hearted clips show that we just don’t put up with baffling lingo in other trades – so why should it be acceptable at garages?

Our aim is to save everyday drivers from confusing terminology and stop you wasting money on overpriced or unnecessary repairs.


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We want to put an end to baffling schedules of work without any explanation to make them more transparent and give you a better understanding when making a decision on your car.

While our videos are clearly tongue-in-cheek, they highlight a serious point the industry needs to address.

"It’s not acceptable in other industries - so why are garages let off the hook?"

MotorEasy founder, Duncan McClure Fisher, added: “Drivers often feel like they’re having the wool pulled over their eyes with baffling terms and technical jargon.

“Our series of videos highlight it’s not acceptable in other industries - so why are garages let off the hook?

“Motorists end up with little faith in their mechanic and a feeling they were being ripped off.

“It’s time that changed and we’re calling for action with the launch of our Lost in Translation campaign.”

We’ve put together a handy hub we’ll be regularly adding to over the coming weeks. The aim is to arm motorists with the information needed to deal with garages more effectively. We’ll also be highlighting industry issues and bad habits while proposing ways to resolve them for motorists.

To help motorists even further MotorEasy are offering 5% off manufacturer servicing use the code LOST5 when prompted.


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