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Free Car Mag 59

This month's Free Car Mag has even more cars in it, with the brand new Mercedes A-Class, electric Lamborghini and Dainese and a Pagani soft top.


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This month's car TV must watch comes from Road to Gymkhana GRiD following six individuals taking part in one of the world's craziest races that includes drifting, drag racing and physical driving skill with mental agility, speed and precision. Watch below for a taster and catch the full show on Insight TV. 

Paloma Faith has teamed up with Skoda to become the brand's first ambassador for the Skoda Driver's Seat Initiative. The initiative works along side the Prince's Trust, who aim to give young creative people the opportunity, through things such as help starting a business and getting a job, to shape their own future and make a positive impact on their local community.


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Free Car Mag wouldn't be complete however without a few Land Rover's thrown in. This month we have the latest offering from Arkonik, with all the added tweaks you could ask for including heated leather seats and a reversing camera.  

Finally, Vauxhall have launched a brand new multi-tool, called Life HaX, for today's do it all parents. With 10 different tools to make life that little bit easier, from a lego un-picker to the much needed torch, this gadget has brought the the traditional pen knife into 2018. 


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The rest of Free Car Mag holds more helpful car buying tips, including what cars you should get your hands on now and brand new luggage perfect for your automobile.


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