MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 58

By: James Ruppert
MotorEasy reading Free Car Mag 58

This month's Free Car Mag is back to its eclectic self, there's an interview with the stars of the BBC crime drama Strike, Roger Moore's Volvo 1800 S and we have a brand new Car Advice section to help you with all your pressing car questions. You can also head to the MotorEasy blog for more hints and tips. 


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Let's start with Sir Roger Moore's stunning Volvo 1800 S, fully restored by Volvo and now in the possesion of the President and CEO. Here it is in action, racing through the streets of London in a gripping car chase, as part of the show that made it famous, 'The Saint'.


If you haven't seen BBC One's Strike yet, where have you been? It features a Land Rover Series IIA and I've fallen completely in love with it, as Holliday and Tom did - or Robin and Comoran if you've seen it. We've got an interview with the dynamic duo to get to bottom of the twisting storyline in their latest series, Strike: Career of Evil.

This month's Free Car Mag also shows you how to get Holliday's effortless style, seen throughout the show.


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Need advice on your next car? I've got the column for you. The 'Car Advice' section of the magazine is brand new for this month, and answers all the questions we've been sent including "How Can I Fit A Great Dane In My Car?" and "What Are Run Flat Tyres?". 


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Remember to head to the MotorEasy Easy Street Magazine for even more handy tips and guides to fixing your car and what to look out for if something is going wrong. 

The rest of this month's magazine includes the latest in electric cars, the cars you should be buying right now and how Aston Martin have become the fastest growing car brand of 2018.

There's also another look at the best city car bangers in Rupperts Bangerpedia.


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