MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 56

By: James Ruppert
MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 56 Guy Martin Autonomous Driverless Cars

This month's Free Car Mag features something that you might think's a little strange for a magazine that loves cars and driving, a full driverless vehicles run down. This therefore had to be countered with one of the best looking cars I think we've ever seen, the Gunther 911, and the many different kinds of taxi you could see on the road, in case driverless vehicles aren't your thing but you still don't want to drive. 

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Guy Martin, a lover of all things cars and speed, has launched a new show, challenging him to build his very own autonomous Transit van. AB Dynamics supplied a variety of robots including pedal, steering and gear change robots and Guy supplied the van.


Volvo Driverless Car Autonomous Volvo aim to have driverless cars on the road by 2021
Hyundai Driverless Autonomous Cars Aurora Hyundai's partnership with tech company Aurora aims to get driverless cars on the road by 2021
Gunther 911 Porsche Red Car The breathtakingly beautiful Gunther 911

Moving on from driverless cars to a car we really want to drive there's the Gunther Werks 400Rs, only 25 of them are going to be made, but look at how beautiful it is. It also packs quite the punch with a 400bhp and 4.0 litre engine.


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Vivaro Kebabi Kebab Van Taxi A kebab van combined with a taxi

And finally we end with the weirdest but best use for a taxi we've ever seen - a kebab van! This might be an April Fool's joke but I can't be the only one imagining how great it would be to be picked up by a taxi like this after a night out? This Vauxhall Vivaro features two gas-fed spit rotisserie grills, salad bowls integrated into the arm rests, chilli dispensers and of course a tasty selection of sauces.

James Ruppert Free Car Mag Editor Free Car Mag Editor, James Ruppert

The rest of the magazine includes the cars you should look at buying now, a glimpse into the new series of "First Dates Hotel" and news on how you can now personalise your Mini. 

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