A New Way To Buy Your Next Car

By: Motor Easy
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Looking for a new car?

You can now get the car of your dreams on Facebook Marketplace. Yes you have read that correctly Facebook have teamed up with Cars.com and Edmunds and others to bring you cars straight from the dealer as well as the private sellers that are already listing on the site, after the launch of the Marketplace feature saw an upswell in users trying to sell their cars through the site. 

Due to the new partnerships made when launching the dedicated section of the marketplace for cars, which is now decidedly more robust and potentially more trustworthy gives you access to dealerships full inventories and direct dealer contact. 

You still won't be able to make a purchase through the site which is trying to make itself into and e-commerce destination, you will instead be prompted to message the dealers via Facebook Messenger in order to complete the transaction. 

In the past Facebook has partnered with ebay for daily deals and Eventbrite for event tickets.

Remember when buying a new car to protect it incase of a write off with GAP Insurance and avoid nasty repair bills with a MotorEasy Warranty.


Tips for buying a used car

Before buying a used car from anywhere be it a reputable garage or a private seller, there are a few things you should bear in mind and ask before you even get to see the car in person.

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It is important to check the mileage of the car is correct and that the details in the advert are also without error, as this could point to something being wrong with the car. If something seems a little bit shady ask if the car can be inspected by an engineer, if the seller says no then they can't be that confident in the car, you don't have to get an engineer to look at it of course but it could be a good test, and we can help arrange a health check if you want one. 

Test Driving a Used Car

When driving a car that is not yours there are a few things you should look out and listen for to make sure the car you are buying isn't a dud. These include a vibrating steering wheel all the way through to blue smoke, indicating a severly worn petrol engine. We recommend that you turn off the radio to make sure you can hear the car properly and if the seller insists on coming with you keep the chatter to a minimum whilst in the car. We even suggest that you aim for pot holes or at least uneven surfaces to really test the car, it may seem against your usual nature but you want to see how the car copes.   

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