Smartphones Can Now Cost More Than Cars

By: Motor Easy
Suzuki Celerio cheaper than an iPhone 8

Smartphone monthly contracts have now increased in price so much, you can afford a new car for less, according to a study by automotive analysts Sophus3. How has this happened and is the trend likely to continue?


More Expensive iPhones

The new iPhone 8 has arrived, costing up to £87 a month on 3, with the new iPhone X set to cost even more when it hits the market in November. Whereas, you can currently get your hands on a Suzuki Celerio for £79 a month, analysts are now believing that "Europe has seen its first car cheaper than a phone”.

There is also a belief that we will see more deals like this before the end of the year as finance providers race to meet targets. 

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Car Leasing Going Digital

The days of trudging down to the dealership to buy a car could also be long gone, with more and more manufacturers allowing you to purchase finance and leasing deals online. 

Hyundai launched 'Click to Buy' earlier in the year, giving you the freedom to easily buy or lease a car online, with some customers rating the service as 'easier than buying from Amazon', with the car is delivered to your house in 2 weeks. 

Volvo have a also launched their new online leasing 'Care by Volvo', but that costs slightly more than a phone contract at around £629 a month. This can also all be set up online, it is however only available for the XC40. 

You can even start the ball rolling online with the Suzuki Celerio sending all your details and finance preferences off to your local dealership for them to give you full quote, saving time in the showroom.

The question is - as the world becomes more digital are consumers and brands willing to embrace these new ways of buying a car?


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