Clever Jenny Got Her Car Fixed With MotorEasy

By: Motor Easy
Car Repairs

Car repairs don't have to be expensive

Jenny was ignoring the rattle on her car by turning her music up to cover the noise as she couldn't afford the cost of the repair, she would rather buy a new phone. She isn't alone 1 in 5 people ignore noises and warning lights on their car, with the average cost of repairing a car £300 can you blame them?

Luckily Jenny's friend told her about MotorEasy and their great repair deals and Jenny realised that car repairs didn't have to be anywhere near as expensive as she thought. Whilst using MotorEasy's super easy online booking system, which left Jenny with loads of time to do what she wanted to do with her evening, she noticed that with a warranty from MotorEasy she wouldn't even have to worry about reapir costs again, but she decided she needed more time to think about buying that once this fault was fixed.

Once everything was confirmed and the booking made in one of MotorEasy's 10,000 vetted garages Jenny was able to get her car picked up by her local garage from her work, and it was delivered back to her by the time she needed to go home, all fixed and ready to go easy peasy. She even got a phone call from an engineer at MotorEasy to tell her what the fault was and what needed to be done to fix it, and to offer her a discount on parts. 

In fact, due to the savings Jenny was able to repair her car and buy the new phone she wanted. Clever Jenny. Now she is thinking about getting a car warranty so she never has to worry about paying for repair bills again. 

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