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By: James Ruppert
MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 50

It's Free Car Mag's 50th Birthday. After just over two years, we have made it to a nifty fifty issues. Many doubted we would make it past one without a breakdown and having to call for the rescue services. After a fairly bumpy journey Free Car Mag is still here to provoke, amuse, annoy and entertain as possibly the world's campest car mag.

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To celebrate we are giving away a McLaren, which is rather nice of us, but I should point out that it isn't one you can actually climb aboard. You can though make 'vroom- vroom' noises and pretend you own a full scale one. Terms and conditions do apply and all you need to do is tell us your favourite FCM cover. That's all.

Hope you like the Atomic Blonde cover complete with Charlize. We love the fact that there is a ton of '80s style and fashion in the film, especially the motors, so it is the perfect film for us. Blonde also inspired us to make the journey to Budapest and take a look at the surviving Eastern Block cars that you can still spot on the streets.

Otherwise it is business as usual, we have packed the pages with a performing Jaguar E-Pace, some lovely Henry London watches, plus our favourite Simon Carter shirts and Ted Baker bags.

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MotorEasy Free Car Mag James Ruppert Free Car Mag editor, James Ruppert

We can't promise to keep going for another 50 issues, Free Car Mag only survives because you actually read it and we have excellent supporters like MotorEasy.

A big thank you is in order.

James Ruppert, Editor




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