MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 48

By: James Ruppert
motoreasy reading - free car mag 48

MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 48

As David Bowie once sang, 'Fashion'. He then turned to the left and the right and sang 'Fashion' again.

We couldn't agree more, we love looking smart and on trend and there are a few features in this issue on what you should be wearing. We cover all budgets and bases with some fantastic classic car T-Shirts from George Cochrane, or Mercedes-Benz 2017 collection. We've also squeezed a Ducati motorbike into the fashion mix because not only have they released a limited edition model, it comes with an intriguing capsule collection, nice things to wear courtesy of Diesel. We would also like to tip our fashionable hat in the direction of Fiat who took the sort of publicity pictures we thoroughly approve of down in the south of France.

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On the subject of style we have the legendary producer Mark Ronson gracing our cover. He really knows how to choose and wear his threads. The Lexus LC 500 he is coolly leaning onto is also our sort of stylish coupe'. It is a killer combination. Last year an Free Car Mag outing took in an outdoor performance by Mr Ronson and we are still grooving to the funky uptown beats he inflicted on our ears.

James Ruppert - Free Car Mag Editor James Ruppert

Of course, fashion and style is, we hope you will agree, a staple of Free Car Mag's content and that will continue. David Bowie also asked whether there was life on Mars and I think we would be failing in our duty to the late King of style and fashion if we didn't follow that up with an in depth feature quite soon.

James Ruppert, Free Car Mag Editor


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