MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 47

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motoreasy reading: free car mag 47

motoreasy reading: Free Car Mag 47

Classic cars. We love them at Free Car Mag which is why we have gone over the top featuring the blighters and even bought one. The funny thing is that so many manufacturers are now remaking their greatest hits. I think that is because they create such passion and emotion that new models struggle to match. At least until they are 50 year old icons. So you will see Range Rovers, Jaguars and a brand new old mini. Maybe we are slipping back in time to a happier place?

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New cars: Range Rover Velar

Well, Ellie Goulding, the talented pop songstress, might disagree and she would be correct to do so. Modern cars are far better than old ones in all sorts of areas, be it safety, emissions or things to play with on the dashboard. Miss Goulding was spotted in New York with the latest Range Rover Velar which is mind blowingly beautiful for such a big old 4x4 brick of a thing.


Easy watching - Mindhorn

Getting back to classics, here is Mindhorn, a recreation of a past that didn't exactly happen. It is though played for laughs and there is a Triumph TR7 and a Jaguar XJS cabriolet in it, just two very good reasons to go and see the film which we heartily approve of. It will be almost in cinemas by the time you read this.

James Ruppert - free car mag editor FCM Editor James Ruppert

Because this is a classic issue, we went out and bought one. In our own unique way of course, by ignoring all the rules and taking a bit of gamble. It seems to have worked so far and we look forward to attaching some great big Free Car Mag stickers on our 1979 BMW 320.

James Ruppert, Free Car Mag Editor

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